Pete Rose Pens Letter To MLB Commissioner Begging For Forgiveness

Pete Rose, a monumental figure in baseball history, ruined his Hall of Fame chances by placing bets on games he played in. Rose’s double act wasn’t only discovered–he was kicked out of the sport for betting on games he played in. Obviously, this is not something a professional player should do. In a letter addressed to Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, former Cincinnati Reds star Pete Rose Begauls for the forgiveness of his gambling mistakes. It’s been years since he rose to the top as the all-time hits leader.

In 1989, Major League Baseball banned Rose from the sport amid accusations that he gambled on games while serving as manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Although he had proved himself a capable player by making numerous hits during his baseball career, Pete Rose gambled on the game and as a result, was not allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In his twenty-four-year baseball career, Rose played for the Reds, Phillies, and Expos. He had 4256 hits during that time. Rose, who is eighty-one years old, has asked the MLB commissioner multiple times to allow him into the Hall of Fame in spite of his gambling while working as team manager.

“I have apologized many times, both for betting on baseball games while managing the Cincinnati Reds and then for denying that I did,” Rose letter read.

He expressed how remorseful he was for his actions and disappointed the fans who trusted him by gambling on games that he had a hand in.

“I disappointed many Reds fans and baseball fans,” Rose stated. “Besides spending time with my kids and my partner, there’s nothing that made me happier than playing baseball in front of fans.”

He continued, “That I let them down and brought shame to the sport we love is something I think about every single day.”

Rose kept his gambling ties to baseball hidden for years before coming forward and confessing many years later. He has been trying to atone for his mistakes ever since.

“I am asking for your forgiveness. Despite my many mistakes, I am so proud of what I accomplished as a baseball player — I am the Hit King and it is my dream to be considered for the Hall of Fame,” he said.

Although Rose has many impressive achievements, Manfred denied his appeal to be reinstated. Manfred was convinced that Rose had “not presented credible evidence of a reconfigured life.”

Rose understands that his time is running out and he desires to redeem himself in baseball.

“Like all of us, I believe in accountability,” he said in the letter. “I am 81 years old and know that I have been held accountable and that I hold myself accountable. I write now to ask for another chance.”

Should Pete Rose get a second chance?

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