Couple With Downs Syndrome Celebrates 24th Wedding Anniversary

Everyone dreams of finding the perfect soul mate, and getting married to build a long lasting relationship. Then, there are some people who marry in haste without giving it much thought, and the marriage either goes through a lot of turmoil and ends quickly, ot it continues for years with more struggles than happiness. There is no formula for a long lasting marriage. What may work for one couple may not work for others. Marriage is not just for a certain type of person or persons. The most unlikely twosome can have an everlasting relationship.

This was the case of Tommy and Maryanne Pilling. Both parties have Downs Syndrome, but this is a love story that can make a positive impact on many people. The two met at a group center for individuals with disabilities. Their love was like the kind read about in story books. He knew that he had fallen in love with her, and so had she with him. Tommy wanted to marry Maryanne, but many, including their family, did not see this as a good idea. Tommy was adamant, so he wanted to by Maryanne a ring, but had no money, so he got one from a vending machine.

Maryanne’s sister Lindi wanted to help them with what they wanted to do. Her mother, Linda, also help Tommy with the purchase of a ring that was perfect for Maryanne. When the question was popped by Tommy, Maryanne jumped around the room in excitement.

The family was joyous for the couple, and the marriage took place. That was 24 years ago. Tommy and Maryanne Pilling celebrated their 24th anniversary as husband and wife. Not may marriages last that long, but theirs was a special love that only happens once in a lifetime. They are genuine with each other, and are the epitome of what all married people want, a true, everlasting love. The couple lives in separate homes, but this is no deterrent for them.

The couple has become one of the most favorite in the world, and now have a Facebook page dedicated especially to them. People can find all of the updates on Tommy and Maryanne, and share in their special love. The two has had an undying respect for each other since the beginning of their romance. Their love was met with many oppositions at first, but now everyone can see proof of what real love is. It is easy for almost anyone to fall in love, but staying in love is a totally different factor. With all of the various factors of many marriages that cause them to fail,

Tommy and Maryanne have withstood the test of time, patience, and any other thing that would ordinarily result in a marriage splitting, and the two getting divorced. Their longevity is based on the simple and pure way that they love each other.

No amount of disapproval could make them feel differently about each other. Their love helps make them stronger, so that they can get over any struggles that they may encounter. Any challenges that may come their way can be defeated by the love that they have for one another.

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