Walmart warns thefts mean two huge changes and it’s not good news for customers

He told CNBC Squawk Box that theft remains an issue for the major retailer.

He added: “It’s higher than what it has historically been.”

McMillon slammed the approach that prosecutors have apparently been taking in response to alleged offenses.

He feared that customers could be negatively affected as prices could rise and stores could shut.

It’s estimated that Walmart loses as much as $3billion a year due to thefts, according to Reuters.

Walmart is among stores that have ramped up security efforts as part of attempts to crack down on theft.

TikTokers have shared images that show beauty products behind glass.

Meanwhile, Target CEO Brian Cornell, the chief executive officer of Target, said: “Along with other retailers, we’ve seen a significant increase in theft and organized retail crime across our business.

“As a result, we’re making significant investments in training and technology that can deter theft and keep our guests and store team members safe.”

Walmart is known for its serious approach to tackling shoplifting, and some have accused it of being “over zealous”.

Criminal Defense Attorney Ralph Manginello warned: “If you’re caught shoplifting from Walmart in Texas, you may face criminal theft charges.”

In Texas, shoplifters can be charged with anything from a Class C misdemeanor to a first-degree felony.

Manginello warned that customers shouldn’t “count” on charges getting dropped.

The Sun told how detention deputy John Reed has been accused of stealing from a Walmart store in Mulberry, Florida.

He allegedly tried to steal two hoverboards, two hover carts, and a Christmas projection light.

Further investigations have revealed that Reed allegedly stole from the same Walmart outlet nine times between November 4 and December 3.

Overall, investigators have accused Reed of taking $575 worth of items.

Reed reportedly resigned from his position immediately after he was arrested.

He’s been charged with eight counts of petit theft, one count of obtaining property by fraud, one count of gross fraud, and one count of petit theft of $100-750.

Reed was hired in 2004 as a detention specialist at Polk County Jail.

He left his job in 2012 but then came back in 2021, according to deputies who spoke to Click Orlando.

And, Bevals Aleen Hinton, 45, was arrested after paying just $74 for $424 worth of items.

The products allegedly stolen by Hinton were mostly food and household goods, according to The

Cops said she took her cart full of groceries to the self-checkout area of the store and only scanned $74 worth of the products she had.

She then allegedly proceeded to roll the full cart to the exit without paying for the other $350 worth of items.

Cops continue to hunt for 22 suspects accused of stealing products from a Walmart store in Whitehaven, Memphis on November 20.

Officers said that some of them were armed as they walked into the supermarket.

No shots were fired and the suspects fled the scene in around 20 cars, according to FOX13.

And, a woman is accused of taking $1,000 worth of jewelry from a Walmart store in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

Cops have claimed that broke into a display on November 1 before stealing the bling and leaving the store.

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