Amazing 11-year-old makes The Voice coaches all turn within seconds

The Voice searches the world for the best singing talent. A special edition of the show invites children to audition. Georgia, an eleven-year-old, blasted everyone away in seconds

It didn’t take more than a few lines of “The House of the Rising Sun” for all of the coaches to spin around and fight for the opportunity to coach this wonderful young lady.

Her family members wept with excitement as they witnessed their loved one’s tremendous reception. Members of the audience were taken aback by the voice that came from Georgia.

All you need to see is the total and utter disbelief on all of the coaches’ faces to understand how phenomenally good Georgia is. Her version of the Animals’ song is almost as good as the original.

Following Georgia’s performance, the coaches strutted their stuff in order to gain the privilege of coaching this new face in music. Nobody wanted to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Voice has the ability to bring unsuspecting talent to the forefront. No matter how many seasons the show produces, unforgettable singers always make an appearance and wow the world.

Georgia has an incredible road ahead of her. Her talent will take her far. We can’t wait to hear more covers and would love to see some original music from this young lady!

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