‘The View’ Execs Allegedly Begging Whoopi Goldberg To Quit – ‘Tired’ Of Her ‘Toxic’ Behavior

Whoopi Goldberg allegedly found herself at odds with the executives of “The View” Sources at the ABC talk show alleged a behind-the-scenes “war” between Goldberg and Joy Behar. People are begging Goldberg to quit, and her replacement is being suggested by fans.

Whoopi Goldberg’s friends are reportedly concerned after the veteran comedian received growing calls for her to step down as the host of The View. This all goes back to 2022 when Goldberg found herself in hot water for making more “offensive” comments about the Holocaust and once again suggested that it was not originally about race.

According to RadarOnline, an insider said even before these scandals, Goldberg had been urged by friends to leave her longtime spot as co-host of the daytime talk show. A source added that ABC executives have “grown tired of Whoopi’s constant on-air episodes and believe they are driving viewers away.”

Whoopi Goldberg with her cohosts of The View (Credit: YouTube)
According to reports, Goldberg’s friends are concerned for her well-being. “She’s not in a good place at all, and her friends are begging her to walk away to save herself,” said a source.

Another insider described the work environment at The View. “Whoopi seems to be picking fights all the time. She makes things very toxic,” the source said. “It’s clear she’s very unhappy. Everyone’s begging her to step aside for her sake and the sake of the show.” The insider also claimed that Goldberg has been struggling. “Her health has been suffering, and she always seems to be ready for a brawl,” the source alleged. “It’s at the point where the constant fighting is literally killing her.”

Whoopi Goldberg
Insiders claim Joy Behar has been campaigning for Whoopi Goldberg “to get the boot.” (Credit: Screenshot)
Although Goldberg has lorded over The View’s table since 2007, insiders claim producers, co-workers, and even close friends want her to pack it in. Sources further claimed Goldberg’s clashing with her co-hosts Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro has them “eager to show her the door.” The insiders claimed: “backstabbing Joy has been actively campaigning for Whoopi to get the boot.”

Fans have called on ABC to get rid of Goldberg once and for all and replace her with Rosie O’Donnell. “If Whoopi is fired, should they bring back Rosie?” read a thread that has since gone viral on the social media site Reddit. “Whoopi who I love, once again said something really dumb and ABC has to be angry,” it continued. “If she’s fired, should they get Rosie O’Donnell back as mod? She was good TV, IMO.”

Fans have called for Rosie O’Donnell to replace Whoopi Goldberg on The View (Credit: YouTube)
Many fans were quick to agree, with one writing, “I would love for Rosie to come back, if only to see how she would handle the Sunny issue. I also think it would be interesting to see how she interacts with Farrah. Her and Elizabeth were on opposite sides politically, but did get along quite well for a while.” Another social media user wrote: “I would love Rosie to come back!!” A third commenter added: “Bring Rosie back!!! Love her. Even as a special correspondent!”

Rosie O’Donnell initially joined The View back in 2006, replacing Meredith Viera as the show’s moderator. However, O’Donnell also got into on-air fights. Sources said that O’Donnell had left due to conflicts with Goldberg behind the scenes, The Sun reported. O’Donnell had allegedly thought that she would be the moderator when she came back to the show in 2014, and she was dismayed to find that Goldberg would be holding the position, which led to tension between the two women.

Goldberg was suspended from The View for two weeks in 2022 after she claimed that the Holocaust was “not about race.” Although she later backtracked and apologized for saying this, she doubled down in an interview with The Times of London, leading to calls for ABC to fire her for anti-semitism.

Goldberg has since issued another apology, telling The Hollywood Reporter that her recent comments were an attempt to “convey to the reporter what I had said and why, and attempted to recount that time,” referring to the initial remarks that got her suspended. The View as a talk show has always been controversial. However, when the controversy lies with the main moderator and not the topics discussed, it’s understandable that many viewers are upset and seeking a change

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