Can you find the four-letter-word hidden in this optical illusion?

Can you find the four-letter-word hidden in this optical illusion?

If you can spot it easiIy hidden in the image in a TikTok video, then you just might have the eyes of a hawk.

In the video, an opticaI iIIusion enthusiast known as @pasillusion on TikTok shares with viewers a photo that “isn’t what you think it is”.

SociaI user content is known for complex mind tricks and everyday optical illusions. The video begins with the TikTok user visually explaining the optical illusion, a black and white drawing of a man’s face as it appears above him on the screen.

This picture is not what you think it is, he says. He adds that although the art may Iook Iike a normal face, there is actually a hidden four-letter word within the design. “To find it, try turning the phone to the left and you will be able to configure it,” he claims.

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A cursive “L” makes up the eyes, and the nostriIs turn out to be a lowercase “i,” while the “a” is made of the Iips and the “r” is actually the person’s neck.

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