Candace Cameron Bure is under criticism for her decision to keep the theme of “traditional marriage” at the center of Christmas movies…

Many of the actors of the comedy “Full House” rose to prominence as a direct result of the show’s enormous popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. One of them was John Stamos, who played the role of the handsome Uncle Jesse. This character was a magnet for ladies all over the world. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, who were little kids at the time, portrayed the solitary part of Michelle Tanner. Stamos’ close buddy Bob Saget also became quite well known throughout the course of the show’s run.

The program would run for eight years, running from 1987 to 1995, but to the surprise of fans, it wouldn’t be the last time the world would watch “Full House,” as in 2015, Netflix made the announcement that they would be renewing the show. The show would continue for eight years, showing from 1987 to 1995. The 2016 version of the revival saw a modest change to the show’s original title, which was shortened to “Fuller House.”

In spite of the fact that the Olsen twins did not return to their role as Michelle Tanner, the remaining cast members all appeared either as regular characters or in guest parts throughout the series. Although “Fuller House” received mixed reviews over its five seasons on television, fans of the first show were undoubtedly pleased to see the entire cast reunited for the sequel series.

Candace Cameron Bure, best known to fans as D.J. Tanner, is another one of the stars from the show that catapulted to stardom during the series’ initial run. She was one of the stars who rose to prominence during that time. Candace has performed in a wide variety of different jobs throughout the course of her career, including a hosting position on “The View” and an appearance on “Dancing With the Stars.” However, it was her several Christmas movies that were shown on the Hallmark Channel that brought in such a large number of viewers. On the other hand, the same fans may stop watching Bure once she decided to switch channels for reasons that many people consider to be highly contentious.

Since 2008, Bure has been a consistent presence in the Christmas programming that airs on the Hallmark Channel. Some of her most notable performances include “Christmas Under Wraps,” “A Christmas Detour,” “Switched for Christmas,” and “Let It Snow.” Fans were taken aback when the actress, who is known as the “Queen of Christmas,” revealed that she would be leaving the channel and heading to a new network known as the Great American Family. She said that she made the decision to relocate to the Wall Street Journal because she wanted her ideals to be more in line with those of the individuals she worked with.

According to Fox News, Bure told WSJ that “my heart wants to write tales that have more significance, purpose, and depth behind them,” and the publication stated that he said this. She said that she “understood that the individuals behind Great American Family were Christians who love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and wonderful family entertainment.” Bure is now the chief creative officer for the Great American Family.

It was her answer to the question of whether the channel would contain any LGBTQ stories or characters that sparked the reaction, despite the fact that nobody can condemn her for trying to make a professional move that she believes is best for her. “I believe that Great American Family will continue to place an emphasis on the institution of the conventional marriage,” she said.

However, the chief executive officer of Great American Media, Bill Abbott, was less black and white about their ambitions, as he stated: “It’s clearly the year 2022, so we’re conscious of the trends. There is no whiteboard that indicates either “Yes, this” or “No, we will never go here.”

Fans were eager to voice their opinions online over what Bure qualified as a “traditional marriage,” and many of them criticized her for being what they saw as being close-minded. On the other hand, a lot of her supporters have defended her and argued that she has the right to believe anything she wants to believe.

Many people flocked to Twitter in order to show their dissatisfaction with Bure’s stance and criticize her for her words.

“I was hoping that @candacecbure would alter her ways since I loved her,” Candace Cbure said on Twitter (love Full and Fuller House). In spite of this, it seems that she harbors homophobic attitudes, which in the year 2022 is not only offensive but also undesirable.

“What exactly do you mean by ‘traditional marriage’? Offering young women for marriage in exchange for financial gain. At one point in time, such was the custom. What are your thoughts on the requirement that you contribute property to the church in exchange for a marriage license? In addition, that had always been done. What about having more than one spouse for some people? Or is it something that only she can define?” Corey Stewart offered his commentary.

However, there were many who backed the celebrity and said that she had the right to her own ideas.

“It is plain that those who disagree with Candace do not believe the Bible, which makes its position on homosexuality quite clear!” The author was Jon Moore.

“I am like her When Hallmark began adding LGBT movies to its lineup, I stopped watching their shows since I don’t believe in them either. It is said in the Bible that males should not have sexual relations with other men. How much more understandable do you need to make it? That is the doctrine that you hold if you call yourself a Christian,” Tweets were posted by @roxylandis.

Bure is not the first member of her family to have courted controversy on matters of this kind. Her brother, the actor Kirk Cameron, sparked a media frenzy in 2012 when he appeared on an episode of “Piers Morgan Live” and said some controversial things regarding religion, marriage, and abortion. His statements that homosexuality is “unnatural, hurtful, and ultimately detrimental to so many of the foundations for civilization” were among the most contentious of his remarks. He also said that abortion is “wrong under all circumstances.”

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