They Made Dad Take Down Son’s Tree House After One Complaint So He Put Up A Sign

The issue of Karens has been a new problem in recent years but now one dad is taking a stand against them as he squares off with his own HOA. When he was quarantined with his son, he did not have much to do so he decided to build a treehouse for his kid. But this is where it started to go south.

It seems this new tree fort rubbed someone the wrong way who decided to lodge a complaint against him as she complained that it was obstructing her view & violated the rules of the HOA. It is not clear what rules exactly that he had broken but in any case, the HOA had him take it down. He tried to appeal to the board but did not have much luck with this. So he went over to the tree & began to dismantle it. But it is what then transpired after this that turned a lot of heads. Just a few days after it came down, he left a note on the side of one of the trees near his backyard.

In the note, he said to the person who complained that they are safe now & was quick to point out how cruel he or she was. He also pointed out the fact that he built it for his kid during the pandemic & it was just supposed to be a source of joy for his son so he would have a place to play outside. But thanks to this person, he is now back in the house watching tv & playing video games to his heart’s content.

The level of sarcasm in the note was one of the best parts of it & he is quite proud of what he was able to do with this message. Despite this, a lot of the neighbors have encouraged him to fight back against this Karen & try to find a way around these bylaws. One person was quick to call it infuriating while another said that he should not let this Karen win & thinks he should take over the HOA to change it from the inside.

It seems they do not want to let down the kids & they would not like this “idiot” to win in the end. They even offered to help Dave out if he needed it. One other commented that he should not let the boomers ruin the outside fun that the kids were trying to have & try to encourage them to keep having fun in the woods. One last commenter noted that there are some people who need everyone else to be miserable in order for them to feel good & asked the question:

how dare you be happy? When it comes to the HOA, if someone files a complaint, the HOA gives the person time to fix it before they issue a fine to them.

They can pretty much control everything from the way your lawn looks to the color of paint you use on your mailbox. It is not clear if he has any plans to fight back at the moment but based on the written note, it would not be much of a surprise if he were to do something like that in the future.

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