Forgotten camper left in storage for decades is a perfect time capsule from 1953

Everything was in perfect condition, when they looked inside they thought they had just stepped in a time machine.

Forgotten camper left in storage for decades is a perfect time capsule from 1953

The original owners of this 1953 Vagabond trailer were a couple who only used it for a few years before covering it for storage.

The 35′ Vagabond is an enormous vintage travel trailer that was meant to have all the comforts of home on a mobile platform.

After decades of storage, Henry Wallace and his friend Stuart found that it was in remarkable condition. Apart from some new paint and tire, almost everything was in factory condition.

The beautiful birch panels, curtains, appliances, and even the light fixtures were in pristine condition. Henry has taken this old beauty on the road from the Florida Keys to California

(image source; The Wallace Foundation)

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