No Network Wants Anything To Do With Alyssa Milano’s Woke “Who’s The Boss” Reboot

Alyssa Milano is a mess. After her Twitter battle with Elon Musk ended horribly, she went on a crusade to smear the good names of Ted Nugent and Kid Rock and nearly set a Soho neighborhood on fire with her Volkswagon.

All of the drama has caused the Hollywood elites to turn their back on her. NBC canceled her “Who’s the Boss” reboot, which left poor Tony Danza out in the cold.

“Not to worry, she told me,” Danza said, “I’ll sell this thing for twice as much to Netflix.” Netflix, along with every other streaming service and network, has declined to sign the show.

“Maybe she should try to reboot ‘Charmed’ instead,” said Hulu CEO Joe Barron, “Shannen Doherty isn’t exactly available, but the hot chick from ‘Picket Fences’ should be free. I doubt Rose McGowan would be interested, but maybe that Wednesday Addams girl will be available.”

Milano hasn’t returned our request for comment, electing instead to send out a blanket message on Instagram thanking her fans for still having a crush on her 38 years later. “I’m sure those who grew up knowing my face will be happy to watch my new show, wherever it may land,” she said.

Seems a bit pretentious, but hey…where’s the lie? God Bless America

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