Fox News Channel Celebrates Kayleigh McEnany’s New Baby [WATCH]

On Tuesday, Fox News “Outnumbered” hosts welcomed McEnany back to the program and celebrated the birth of co-host Kayleigh McEnany’s new baby boy, Nash. The celebration was able to occur now that McEnany has returned from her maternity leave. Her return was announced earlier this week to much fanfare, as she’s one of the favorite Fox News hosts thanks to the superb job she did as President Trump’s press secretary.

Things began with one of McEnany’s “Outnumbered” co-hosts, Emily Compagno, saying “Last but certainly not least, we are so excited to have our co-host Kayleigh McEnany back on the couch with us. Kayleigh tell us all about the adorable new addition and blessing to your family.”

Responding, McEnany said “He is the calmest baby known to man. He barely cries. He sleeps through the night and he is the exact opposite of his much-beloved sister Blake. She is a little firecracker. She hasn’t stopped talking, apparently, that’s what I was like when I was young. She is me and this is my husband Sean, Nash is a spitting image.”

Continuing, McEnany went on to say “Case in point we are on an airplane taking off. Nash is so calm the whole way, Blake lands with marker all over her face. But I just want to say one thing because we heard that song, ‘Don’t Blink,’ and it’s so easy to get in the habit of diaper, bottle, swaddle. It’s a routine you do every three hours. Diaper, bottle, swaddle and you can lose the moment. So to all those young moms out there, just take a beat, take a moment, take it in. And I did this so much better with my second child than with my first. Just enjoying the moment. You don’t need to stress. Diaper, bottle, swaddle’s get done but those moments can pass you by.”

Compagno asked for more details on the new baby and McEnany’s family, asking “And what’s been one of your favorite moments between Blake and Nash?”

Responding, McEnany gave good news about how her young kids are getting along, saying “So she’s so loving. She will go up to him and she will kiss him on the head. And then yesterday I’m upstairs, Nash is upstairs with my husband, and Blake looks around ‘Where’s baby Nash? Where is he?’ Like in a panic that he is not there. ‘Can I bring Nash home with me’ she said when we were in Florida. So she’s a beautiful older sister and she’s a nice little young mother.”

Another co-host, Harris Faulkner, then jumped in and said “I love the advice that you give. Be present. Be in that moment.”

McEnany, agreeing and sharing a personal experience, said “I talked to one mom. She had given birth to four children, she was much older. She looked at me with tears in her eyes about a week before Nash was born and said ‘those were the best four days of my life when I gave birth.’ And it really helped me to set that perspective in my own life. The stress, just leave it aside and take in the moment.”

Watch that segment of “Outnumbered” here:

By: Will Tanner. Follow me on Twitter @Will_Tanner_1
Featured image credit: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Kayleigh McEnany, CC BY-SA 2.0,, baby image from Kayleigh McEnany Twiter

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